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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Homes’ Roof Inspected

Determining a roof’s actual condition at face value is difficult. Sometimes roof damage that has gone on for too long without being noticed results in costly replacement and repairs.

An inspection performed by a qualified roofing contractor every so often is an efficient way to quickly assess the condition of your roof. You may want to conduct a roof inspection before Hurricane season or right after a major storm passes your Jacksonville neighborhood.

You may be unsure whether damage has actually taken place. Look for missing shingles, heavy debris, and divots on the roof. If you can, institute an inspection routine that will help you plan for future maintenance projects.

Should You Get Your Homes’ Roof Inspected?

Smart repair and maintenance decisions help prevent costly emergency repairs. A routine roof inspection would be a great place to start to assess where the actual status and condition of your shingles or tiles and underlayment. As a result of the inspection, you will be able to make more informed decisions.

Roof problems typically devolve and worsen over time, so having a roofing contractor like our team here at Allegiance Roof Systems perform routine maintenance is a good way to get your home in a state of good repair before more damage can possibly arise.

Gutter Cleaning

Professional roof inspectors will be able to determine the amount of damage that clogged gutters could cause. A routine inspection will provide you with insight as to when to clean the gutters as well as a recommendation from the inspector on a good gutter cleaning crew to hire in the Jacksonville area.

Warranty Repairs

Manufacturers and contractors only offer warranties for particular leaks and repairs. In this case, only a professional inspector can determine whether a leak qualifies for a warranty.

Water Damage and Leak Assessment

Water damage is a gradual process that may go unnoticed for a long time. Where your roof is not draining perfectly, and your roof shingles are rotted; leaks might occur. Having a roof inspection prevents the risk of water damage.


All roofs undergo weathering and aging. An inspection will help homeowners plan ahead of damages, on the right maintenance plan to execute, thereby preventing further damage and costly replacement.

Are you looking for a professional roofing contractor in Jacksonville to  help you with roof inspection, repair and maintenance? We provide roof inspections and repairs to customers from Orange Park to Ponte Vedra to Jacksonville Beach. Call us today!