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Imagine a New Roof for your Jacksonville, Jax Beach or Ponte Vedra Beach home!

When you need a roof for your home or building in Jacksonville and the surrounding area, you can count on our team here at Allegiance Roofing Systems. We’re a professional roofing company with a 4.9 Google Review Rating from Orange Park to Ponte Vedra and our team consists of licensed and certified roofers who are dedicated and highly trained. In order to provide the best services to homeowners and business owners, we stock quality materials and always use the most practical options for specific jobs.

Roofing Options for Houses, Condominiums and Other Buildings

Jacksonville new roofWe are now installing new roofs in Orange Park as well!

We work with local Jacksonville new roof material suppliers in order to stock the highest grade materials for traditional homes, modern homes, condominiums and a variety of commercial buildings.

Our main service options are for shingles and tiles, and the general varieties include:

Asphalt shingles: Asphalt shingles are ideal for rainy regions in Jacksonville since they have water-resistant elements. In North America, these shingles are commonly installed on many houses because the total cost is inexpensive.

Fiberglass shingles: These shingles are constructed out of a blend that consists of glass fibers and synthetic materials. This is another inexpensive material option for a residential roof.

Clay tiles: Clay tiles are very appealing since they have features that reflect old-world architecture. They have a waterproof glaze that keeps rain away from general foundation elements. We install alot of new clay tiles in the Ponte Vedra and Orange Park areas.

Concrete tiles: A concrete roof is a smart choice for a commercial building as it’s dense, durable, and strong. A typical slab is several inches thick and can handle intense winds that generate throughout major storms and hurricanes.

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Our Roofing Process

Ponte Vedra new roofDuring a traditional project, our company can complete the job in about a week or less. If a roof is large, the total time will be slightly longer.

Our company begins most jobs by removing all shingles that are still on a roof. These remove them and dispose of them properly shingles can’t be reused, so we  If we find any flashing or edging that’s damaged, we’ll remove these materials as well. Depending on the home or structure, we may implement procedures to protect shrubs and plants around a roof as well. Also, if materials fly around, we’ll use magnetic equipment to pick up stray nails and metal pieces that drop on the lawn.

At this point, our crew will take proper steps to repair key areas where there are flaws. If needed, we’ll replace worn out wood with fresh plywood sheathing.

Next, we’ll place asphalt roofing paper on top of the sheathing. This is an important step because this waterproof paper creates a protective shield that keeps water out of a house.

Finally, our crew will apply new edging, shingles, flashing, and vent hardware to complete the project.

When Should You Get a New Roof?

If you can see water spots on your ceiling, don’t delay roof repairs because the stains mean that there is a leak somewhere on the roof. We can complete this type of job in around two days.

After your new roof is installed, always schedule time for preventative maintenance every couple of years. This type of maintenance will help you resolve minor roof issues before they develop into costly problems.

Allegiance Roofing Systems roofing company proudly serves residents in Jacksonville, Jax Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach. Contact us today, and get a free quote on your new roof!