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Types Of Roofs | Roof Materials | Jacksonville | Jax Beach | Ponte Vedra Beach

Types of Roofs

Types of Roofs in the Jacksonville Area

Types of roofs in Jacksonville

At Allegiance Roof Systems of Jacksonville, we install and repair every type of roof, from asphalt to wood shingles, clay tiles to metal roofs. One of our friendly estimators will discuss your particular needs and the type of roof material that would be best for your Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra Beach area home.

There are pluses and minuses to every type of roofing material, so here is a simple overview of your options:

 Asphalt shingles.  Asphalt shingles are known for their cost effectiveness and relative ease of installation. The shingles are available in a host of different colors. Laminated asphalt shingles are constructed with a fiberglass backer to increase durability. This is a very popular roof material in the Jacksonville area.

Wood shakes and shingles. Wood roofs  require constant maintenance, but they can last longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. The most popular varieties of wood for wood shakes and shingles cedar, redwood, and pine. There are many wooden roofs still in the Jacksonville and Jax beach area.

Metal. Metal roofs are growing in popularity, especially in Ponte Vedra Beach, because of their long life span and modern look. In most cases, metal waves carry a higher upfront cost than shingle roofs, but when installed properly, a metal roof is virtually maintenance free and will never need replacement.

Slate, clay, concrete. These heavy, durable roof materials result in beautiful, low-maintenance installations but they do represent a significant financial investment. Most Jacksonville area homes will require reinforced roof framing to accommodate the additional weight of these materials.

Membrane. If you decide on a flat roof, your roof will be covered by a flexible tar-based or synthetic membrane instead of shingles. BUR, or built-up roof, is the traditional flat roofing system made of gravel and tar, while modified bitumen and TPO, a single-ply reflective roofing membrance are newer options.

Allegiance Roofing Systems roofing company proudly serves residents of Ponte Vedra Beach Jacksonville, and Jax Beach.. Contact us today, and get a free quote on your new roof, roof replacement or repair!