It doesn’t matter what type of shingles you plan to install to increase your home value if the roofers don’t have the right knowledge about shingle layout and the experience to install them. If you have shingles that are not securely attached, you are probably going to have a hard time during the rainy seasons especially during heavy storms and hurricanes.

Just as the roof design significantly helps improve your home appearance, the right shingle roof installation helps in improving your overall home value. If you are planning for new roof installation in your home in Jacksonville or around Duvall County, Florida, you should have expert roofers who understand shingles and how to install them to the roof of your home.

What can a DIY (‘Do It Yourself’) shingle roof installation cost you?

Make your surroundings and roof unattractive.

Unlike professional roofing contractors in Jacksonville, most amateur roofers will rush to finish the job fast without adequate concern with your surroundings. They can cause damage to your grass and trees due to the use of heavy tools and ladders. They can also leave heavy, dirty footprints all over your roof making your roof look unappealing. They can leave their old shingles, underlayment, nails and other refuse behind. Professionals like those here at Allegiance Roof Systems always keep a tidy workplace and always haul away all garbage to leave your home the way we found it except better!

Flashing, drip edge, and gutter issues

Amateur roofers sometimes inappropriately install flashing (metal strip) over the shingles instead of installing underneath. This can cause water to leak through your roof. Most of them will also fail to install the drip edge and properly faster gutters with the right gutter screws or spikes. Thus leading to poor drains.

Damage to property

Poor shingle roof installations will not only make your roof unattractive, but it can also reduce the life of your shingles and damage your interior because of the water that will leak through your roof. Your beautiful walls will get wet and become damaged. Mold will also start to grow in those soaked areas, causing various risks to health.

What’s the best option?

Hiring a professional roofing contractor in Jacksonville is the wise choice if you want a complete, high-quality new roof installation for your Jacksonville area home. Our professional roofers have the experience, knowledge, skills, and the right tools and roofing products  to make your job is completed the right way.

At Allegiance Roof Systems, we’ll ensure to get you the longest life and best benefits out of your shingles roof installation. Homeowners in Jacksonville, Googling- ‘professional roofers near me– can take advantage of our professional experience, resources, and access to the best tools and products available.

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